Lifeforce Water Elixir Generating Bowl

Submission for SCANZ 2015 Water Peace Project

The Lifeforce Water Elixir Generating Bowl is an Inner Peace Machine. The design incorporates a healing crystal, a chime and a glass bowl. The glass bowl is held in a set of two gimbals actuated by two servos. The glass bowl holds pure spring water to be transformed into an elixir energized with lifeforce energy. The purpose of the servos and gimbals is to gently rock the bowl so that the spring water is swirled in a circular motion. A ring of 16 pure white LED lamps are arranged in a circle shining up into the bowl from the base.

ISEA 2012 - Our Land Our Light
ISEA 2012 - Our Land Our Light
Our Land Our Light is the result of a collaborative residency project between professional artists including Blue Wade and Kura Puke, Intel Data Center Manager and artist Thomas Greenbaum, and students in Rio Rancho. The project investigates how science, technology and indigenous knowledge can be utilized to create meaningful visual culture promoting identity, agency and autonomy. In the photo: Kura Puke, Dr. Te Huirangi Waikerepuru, Tom Greenbaum, Te Urutahi Waikerepuru, and Blue Wade.

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