Social Network Karmic Tetrahedron

R. Buckminster Fuller demonstrated that the minimum system is a tetrahedron. The tetrahedron is the minimum structure which encloses space and defines the boundaries of three consideration sets: entities outside the system, entities comprising the system and entities enclosed within the system.

Karmatetra is a world-wide web Karmic Tetrahedron.

Consider the website as being a multi-frequency tetrahedron; a system of words, images and computer code. People visiting the website are introduced to some new concepts such as Spheriphor. The Spheriphor concept influences the actions of these people. This forms the bonds of a karmic connection creating a virtual social network.

Leonardo's Vitruvian Man is a famous graphic composition depicting a single male form with arms stretched wide defining the dimensions of a circle and a square. It is lovely, however it represents an outdated, flat-world paradigm.

The Social Network Karmic Tetrahedron represents the new age of multi-dimensional thinking. Humans exist within a complex social network that expands geometrically by the number of social connections within tetrahedronal space.

Tom Greenbaum's Karmic Law of Social Networks:

"A human being joining a social network increases the total number of karmic connections geometrically at a rate equal to the number of edges in a n+1 frequency tetrahedron."

~ Thomas J. Greenbaum

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