Digital Fine Art by Tom Greenbaum - Karmatetra

Right Attitude

The past is an illusion and is re-edited with every re-visiting.

The present is all that exists.
How many times have you heard this one?
But, do you really FEEL it to be true?

The present unfolds in an ever-changing march toward an always uncertain future.

The ultimate quality of self-awareness is not determined by physical comfort or discomfort, yet we strive to improve our environment and end the suffering of others.

Competition has no meaning because the duality of self/other is an illusion.

The physical has no solidity.
There is no smallest, indivisible particle.
The vast majority of measurable anything is voidness.

All things are merely temporary aggregates
or associations of other smaller things,
which themselves are composed of
even smaller aggregates, ad infinitum.
This means that all things are falsely perceived of as
separate, independently existing, and real.
In reality, no things exist at all in an absolute sense.

What we think of as our body is actually not 'ours'
(what or who owns it?).
This body has no separate,
independent, absolute existence either.

Ego is an aggregate of mental events,
and is an illusion as well.
There is no continuously existing self.
Memory, sense perceptions, feelings, thoughts, and
conceptions are falsely associated with
the feeling that "I" exist.
However, when we search for the existence of
an independently existing "I",
no such entity can be found.

Form is emptiness
Emptiness is form
Everything is

Detail from Golden Spiral

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