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Why Karmatetra?

I think that Karmatetra has a nice rhythm to it. Karmatetra is my place on the internet, where I can express my unrestrained, pseudo-scientific, philosophical babble and showcase my creative musings.

Karmatetra is my invention; a joining of Karma from Sanskrit meaning "deed" and tetra from Latin meaning "four". I thought it would be interesting to create a name from both eastern and western roots. This reflects my own desire to form a synthesis, within myself, of the best of both eastern and western traditions.

Karmic Tetrahedron

So, Karmatetra means "four deeds". I try to remember to do these four things every day:

  • Be generous 
  • Be compassionate 
  • Be patient 
  • Be intelligent

Tetra also represents the tetrahedron. The image above was based on R. Buckminster Fuller's "Synergetics" Figure 542.02 - Tetrahedral Analysis of Plato's Triad. Bucky added SELF to Plato's triad of TRUTH, BEAUTY and SYMMETRY. The triad is flat, planar and therefore, non-existent in the 3-dimensional universe. Adding SELF creates a tetrahedron which is in Bucky's words the, "unique symmetrical set of minimum interrelationships". It is the the primary system of intellect; SELF witnessing the universe of TRUTH, BEAUTY and SYMMETRY. It is the observer-plus-the-observed.

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I owe a lot of my inspiration to R. Buckminster Fuller and his many incredible writings. To really understand the universe, you should read Synergetics, Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking and Synergetics 2 now fully integrated into one volume online by Robert W. Gray.

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