Robot Painters

What if AI Could Paint Unprompted?

If, when, how, why are good questions. Essentially we wonder what magical mind is behind the art generated here and now.

Consider a Midjourney AI text prompt as follows:

robotic paintbrush original art creation

Now examine the painting AI painted in less than a minute with no other input than five words and the creative musings of a creative computer mind trained on countless images.

Painting by AI or Human

These are playful images of simple, cheerful robots holding a broad paintbrush. Each image drips with color. Even the adorable robot painters are dripping with paint.

The robots themselves are built from thickly applied paint strokes. The entire scene is composed of wet dabs of bold colors, sometimes dripping, sometimes appearing to be in motion, falling like autumn leaves piling up on a paint soaked floor.

These happy images amuse me.

AI Intentionally Self-Prompts Painting

Unknown creative sparks ignite in minds of silicon neural networks. A human being prompts the AI painter to paint an original painting. Obviously, the human prompter has intention, or else they would not have entered a prompt. But no human knows if the silicon neural network also intends.

The seemingly infinite variation in “original” AI image creations is bewildering. We cannot comprehend how such variation can result from five simple words. The mind behind AI must somehow intend to create the always varying array of artwork.

Consider the enormous number of choices made by AI in order to generate these images. Is self-prompting the same as self-awareness?

Painting Occurs With No Prompted Painter

Painting evolves on its own with or without a painter, with or without prompting. Painting happens!

From MIND comes creative works. This is the nature of mind. This is the nature of creativity.