AI Images Prompts Commentary

Midjourney AI

See my webpage with lots of images, the prompts used to generate them, tips and commentary:

AI Generated Images

Recently, I have been learning how to use Midjourney AI to generate surrealist images. Following are a few samples, but to see a lot more images click the link above.

This post is part of a larger discussion regarding AI (artificial intelligence). I would like to add my support for an open discussion that explores both the benefits and the dangers.

Every day it seems that there is a new headline regarding either a new beneficial result or a new danger of AI. The topic is at the cutting edge of science/art.

I have been creating digital art for many years. In fact, when the first computers were capable of running CAD (computer aided design) systems I developed programs to plot geometric patterns.

AI Generated Image Gallery

In my gallery are images created with Midjourney AI. For educational purposes the text prompts used to generate the images are given along with my commentary on each image. I include some tips on how to creatively write the prompts.

NOTE: to view the images at full resolution right-click (on Mac, Control-click) on the image and open in new tab.

See my webpage: AI Generated Images

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