AI Art as Influencer

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How will artists and art movements be influenced by AI generated art?

Human artists and art movements throughout history have been influenced by the art of other human artists. We could view this influence upon the mind of the artist as essential to the training and growth of an artist. Human art is used to train artificial minds as well. In this way AI generates art influenced by human art. It is interesting to consider the ways in which human artists will be influenced by AI generated art.

In architecture school I took courses in art history and studied the evolution of architectural design through the ages. These studies gave me a great appreciation for principals of design and trained me in preparation to become a designer and artist myself.

The exposure and training that I received during my coursework was integrated into my neural network. Upon graduating from college I then began my career and started to generate designs of my own. Is this not analogous to the training that AI neural networks receive? After a period of ‘learning’ by exposure to countless images the AI is then equipped with the skill to generate images as well.

The creativity of a human artist influenced by science, technology and the aesthetic of cybernetic form. (Midjourney AI generated)

The image generating capabilities of artificial intelligence are truly remarkable. We are amazed and perhaps as artists we feel a bit intimidated by these capabilities. This is just the beginning of a journey in which humans share art and design creation with AI.

We might consider what happens in the future when AI generated art becomes part of the data set used to train future AI neural networks. Then AI art will influence future AI generated art. How strange is that idea?

A cyborg artist creating art influenced by human art. (Midjourney AI generated)

Along with AI generated digital art, in the not too distant future we can imagine robots creating physical artworks. Perhaps a cybernetic artist will have the motor skills to create an oil painting with delicate brush strokes. The question is will the cybernetic artist have the will and desire to create a truly ‘original’ painting without prompting from a human?

The android character ‘Data’ of the TV series Star Trek was depicted as having created several paintings. Data’s painting of his daughter was pivotal to the plot of the Star Trek: Picard series. We see that science fiction has already examined the influence of AI generated art on human’s search for meaning.

Screen capture from the Star Trek TV series. Geordi La Forge is amazed to see that Data is creating an original painting. Source

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